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Recommended Reading

Deepening Discipleshipby Oliver McMahan

This book will take Christian readers to the next step beyond most presentations on the subject of discipleship. McMahan writes from a dual perspective of being a seminary professor and a pastor to create a solid, useful approach to discipleship development.

The Caring Christianby Oliver McMahan

The Caring Christian: Intensive Care declares that if a Christian truly loves God, that love will translate into "shoe leather." Following an earlier book, The Caring Church, that dealt with the caring ministry of congregations, this book focuses on care ministries for individual believers. If you want to be a caring Christian, here's how.

The Caring Churchby Oliver McMahan

In this insightful look at contemporary culture and the church`s response to human need, the author offers workable strategies for moving congregations from "church as usual" to the doorway of all ministry care.

Scriptural Counseling: A God-Centered Methodby Oliver McMahan

In these secular times when the Bible, as truth, is under fire and the basic tenets of humanism influence the modern counseling scene, this book offers pastors and counseling practitioners at every level a Bible-based approach that opens up the counseling session for the ministry of the Holy Spirit in every phase of the process.      A Westminster Edition website by Donnie Fischer.