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Restoring Broken Trustby Mark Beaird

Wait! Before discarding that relationship or giving up on having a healthy relationship with someone you love, know there is hope. The broken trust in our relationships can often be restored. In Restoring Broken Trust: A relationship's greatest challenge, you will find many of the answers to why trust is broken, what goes wrong in relationships, and what can be done to make the relationship healthy again. Mark Beaird draws insights and practical guidance from many years of experience in the helping professions and as a professional counselor to address the question he has been asked so many times, "Can the trust ever be restored?" The good news is there is a way trust can be restored. So, before you or someone else labels a spouse, family member, child, teen, friend, or other as "untrustworthy" and gives up all hope, consider the insights waiting for you in Restoring Broken Trust.

Encouragement For Livingby Mark Beaird

Encouragement for Living is a collection of daily devotions that applies Scriptural truth to everyday life situations. The goal of this three month devotional is to promote a more personal understanding of the Christian life. Drawn from years of pastoral experience and shared with readers in his weekly inspirational newspaper column, these devotionals have proven to be practical, useful and on target with readers of varying religious backgrounds.

Throughout the book the author draws on anecdotes, stories, and personal experiences in order to spiritually lift and enlighten the reader while constantly leading his audience to a greater commitment and trust of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Encouragement for Living is a valuable resource for those seeking practical application of the scripture as well as devotional material to assist them in cultivating their relationship with the Lord.

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Come to Meby Mark Beaird

Weariness can wear away at our souls, our dreams, our hopes, our determination, and our joy. Weariness is a thief that steals life. It is a descending staircase that leads us into the deep pit of despair and threatens to leave us there with no way out. But the good news is that the way of Christ is ascending. It is the stairway that leads us out of human despair and into the joy of knowing and serving God.

Come to Me: An Invitation for the Weary Soul comes to us from the heart of someone who has seen and experienced the dark shadows of true weariness of the soul and mind. In these pages, the author shares with us God's solution to human weariness and explains why this invitation from Jesus Christ for us to "come" to Him is an invitation worth considering.

52 Ready-To-Use Sermon Outlinesby Mark Beaird

This collection of sermon outlines is a product of Pastor Mark Beaird's passion for communicating the Gospel in a clear and succinct manner. Every sermon is presented in an easy to follow and appealing style which lends itself to easy use. Additionally, each outline is framed by an introductory and concluding statement that will add to the overall clarity of each message.

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By Wade Franks with Mark Beaird

Never Forgottenby Wade Franks with Mark Beaird

Never Forgotten is one soldier's inspiring story of how his life was brought full circle from the mud and despair of the Vietnam battlefield that caused his life to go completely off course to a healing restoration and a guiding revelation of God's divine care and plan for his life. Travel with him on an incredible journey through the jungles of Vietnam and back home again to a country caught up in a conflict all its own. Travel the tortured road of hopelessness and self-destruction with a man haunted by the past until he finds renewed hope and purpose through a new and unshakable faith which would, ironically, lead him back to Vietnam. Never Forgotten assures readers that the work God is doing presently in our lives is a reflection of the work God has done in the past and a foretaste of what He will do in the future.

Co-Authored with Mark Beaird

Influence Through Accountability

Becoming a leader who can be respected no matter their position in life will pay dividends in one's future professional and personal pursuits. However, this is not a journey that can be taken lightly, but requires a commitment to understanding responsibility and answerability for one's life and actions. We are all accountable to someone, but it is how we respond to that accountability that sets us apart as either a leader or a follower.

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