Mark Beaird | Sharing God's Message of Hope and Healing
Mark Beaird | Sharing God's Message of Hope and Healing
Mark Beaird | Sharing God's Message of Hope and Healing

10 Common Marriage Mistakes

As a marriage counselor, these are the ten common mistakes I see married couples making (in no particular order):

  1. They forget God
    • God is the 3rd person in every relationship—don't ignore Him
    • Spiritual bonds are as important as emotional bonds
  2. They forget each other
    • They forget the basic needs of the other
    • They forget each wants to be #1 in the eyes of the other
  3. They are unaware of or forget the basic need of the other
    • He wants to be significant
    • She wants to be secure
  4. They forget to have fun together
    • Shared experiences create bonds
    • Mindless fun is just fun! Having fun is creating memories.
  5. They forget to share the load
    • They dump when they should divide
    • The burden is halved when it is shared
  6. They look to others outside the marriage for emotional support
    • No one outside your marriage should be in your marriage
    • Constantly looking to others prevents us from looking to one another
  7. They are too casual or too conservative with money
    • Money problems can cause a great deal of stress
    • However, investing in your marriage and family is worth it
  8. They forget they are on the same team
    • This leads to withdrawing and isolating—which can lead to being secretive
    • They view themselves more as an individual than as a couple
  9. They try to have the perfect marriage
    • They idealize marriage
    • They compare their marriage
  10. They give up on intimacy
    • Hugging, hand-holding, snuggling becomes less frequent
    • Sex becomes routine and less romantic