Mark Beaird | Sharing God's Message of Hope and Healing
Mark Beaird | Sharing God's Message of Hope and Healing
Mark Beaird | Sharing God's Message of Hope and Healing

What Do You Believe?

Have you ever met someone with great talent languishing in anonymity seemingly without a clue in the world about what could be? Granted, some people have great talent and ability and are content to remain in virtual obscurity rather than be thrust into situations in which they have no interest or desire to prove themselves. Just because some have talent or ability does not mean they have to use it in the way others see fit in order to be happy or content. However, it's a sad sight to see someone who wants more, and who can do more, suffer the plight of the overlooked.

For many who feel they suffer the dilemma of the unrewarded genius, in that they are destined to have a desire to be more than they will ever have the opportunity to become, the idea of putting themselves out there risking anything great is inconceivable. Perhaps they are hungry for more, but are afraid or lack confidence. Maybe they have harbored a secret ambition, but the idea of breaking out of the norm seems too risky, too late, or too far to go at this point in their lives. Questions about talent, abilities, or about the possibility of becoming the kind of person they dislike intensely, all muddle their thinking and stifle their zeal. If only they could see beyond their preconceived ideas. If only they were convinced, they could chart their own course. For these souls the first steps toward reaching new goals is expanding their vision to include new possibilities of what life can be for them. Consider two steps one might take on the journey to improve one's self.


Try this: Get a piece of paper and prepare to make a list. You are going to take a personal inventory of your talents, knowledge, abilities, or other assets you possess. It doesn't have to be a long list. Before going any further, after writing down every conceivable advantage or ability you possess, take a moment to consider that with which you have to work. What do you see that is good and positive? Make a few notes concerning the usability of those abilities or talents. Ask others what they see as possibilities for someone who possesses the abilities or talents on that list.

Now ask yourself some questions about what is on your list:

Finally, the ultimate question a person must ask is, "What will I do with what I have?"


A vision is about the dream! A vision and a dream gives us a reference point or a goal for which we can strive, but they can also stir one to press onward in spite of obstacles. It's no wonder that those who can visualize something more can dream of something more and can work toward something more. I have studied some of the great leaders and visionaries of the last century. What I found was interesting. All of the great leaders had a powerful vision and were able to convey their vision to others.

The vision of these leaders expended beyond the moment and beyond themselves. Their vision was greater than circumstances and greater than feelings of fear or inadequacies. What separated them from others who would have liked to have been visionary leaders was their willingness to hope for more and to visualize what could be one day, in spite of the doubts and criticism of others. Once their vision took shape, and was firmly entrenched in their hearts, fatigue would not stop them. Sacrifice was possible without dissuasion, not because of what they saw day to day, but because of what they could envision! That vision enabled them to believe they, and those they led, could reach their goals.

This leads us to the inescapable question of, "What do you believe?" Take these first two steps and it will likely be easier to formulate a plan of action for where you want to be personally or in your career in the next five years.